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ceramic clocks

Its Time!!

Take a peek at our hand painted ceramic clocks, all baked, glazed and ready to be shipped.

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Customised Handmade Pottery

This is where we differentiate from Handmade and Handpainted, through our line of tiles and corporate knick-knacks, all made by HAND using traditional tools, techniques and alchemy to mould and glaze clay. We are experimenting mostly on tiles and murals through this, however we are not averse to  customizing your requirements if need be.

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Clay Things around the World

Our author is constantly on the move on the search for how pottery and ceramics are being used in other parts of the world. We try to get to you some insights into some interesting locations in and outside the country.

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Ceramics that combine Functionality with Art

Ceramics have been a part of our lifestyle since 25,000 years ago. However over the years it has lost importance to other materials like plastics and its variants. Somewhere along the years, we have deviated so far from the base that ceramics brings to your mind either decorative artifacts or tableware.

At Clay Things, we are reintroducing ‘ceramics’ into your lifestyle with completely fnctional products, beginning with ‘Clocks’.

For all those non conformists, we hear your woes and like to introduce to you our ‘piece-of-art’ timepieces where there is symmetry in asymmetry, where the non conventional meets the conventional and where functionality meets art.


Take a Tour of our Products

With the launch of our baseline design of, our range of ceramic clocks is available now online, do take a look.

However, if you can't find what you are looking for, worry not, we will ensure you get what you want with our customised designs, just give us a call and we will comply.