Time keeper Tx1

Introducing the very original TX1, with a dark wine underglaze, dark blue centre and its brushed gold dial; this one is designed to fit into absolutely any mood  or decor that you're designing for yourself.


Time Keeper TM1

Ceramic Glazed body with a burst of colours happening at the centre, only the bold can stomach this one.


Time Keeper TX2

Soft blue shades narrating a romance with whites and pastels, this is your go to for a space with lighter colours


Prop it up on your Mantle

Each clock comes with a wooden stand to prop it up either on your mantle in the drawing room, on your work table or by your bedside.

Its compact size will ensure it fits in no matter where you put it.

It will look Awesome on your Wall also

As all wall clocks go, this one is also made to be put up so that the time can be seen from near and far. We don't differentiate between the two.


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